London Based Singer-Songwriter The Modern World Returns with Lo-Fi Indie Anthem ‘Too Close’

Artist: The Modern World 

Release: Too Close 

Release Date: May 17th 

Genre: Lo-Fi Indie

London based singer-songwriter The ModernWorld returns with ‘Too Close’, exposing the darker realities of life, telling stories of past addiction, isolation and the healing power of love through infectious, Lo-Fi indie anthems.

Stream ‘Too Close’ here:

The Modern World, otherwise known as Oli James, began writing songs when he was just ten years old. He honed his craft whilst studying English at University College London, and after a two-year stint playing the blues scene in Moscow, Russia, Oli returned to London, where he was joined on stage and on record by a crew of misfits and musical prodigies that make up The Modern World.

Often producing music alone at home, or in snatches of late-night studio time across London, The Modern World have been recognised for their exhilarating fusion of guitar-pop, soul and jazz, gripping live shows and distinctive visual identity. Produced by close collaborator Alex Lindner, ‘Too Close’ marks a turning point for the band, offering a much more downbeat and meditative feel and a more lo-fi sound.

Delivered with natural swagger and infectious vocals, The Modern World will be returning with ‘Too Close’ on May 17th, releasing through Distrokid. 

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