Logitech G903 Product Review

The advancement of gaming has seen great periods of amazing technologies that have created an odyssey for people who clamor to include on their gaming rigs. The mouse, a critical juncture for any gaming fan has seen its ups and downs. We have used a mouse that signal handily ruined a fun online game and seen a mouse help a team win the championship in an E-sport tournament. The mouse is so very unsecured for all doubters that many are nervous to even use a wireless compared to wired.  We may have a solution for them and this mouse is going to sound crazy as its wireless. Logitech has a new mouse which is called G903 and is here to change the world.

Here is our review for this mouse:

Unboxing this mouse was a fun sort of game for me! I was able to see what goodies this mouse came with and I wasn’t disappointed. I was greeted with the mouse it self and its very lightweight. When I removed the mouse and the casing, I was greeted with a Logitech Sticker, instruction manual, USB charging port / data cable, Lightspeed USB receiver, and of course the accessories case. The accessories case had some cool magnetic buttons to replace and as well as a 10 gram weight to hold down the mouse. I don’t need that weight but looks good for people who collect items from Logitech.


I was able to connect the mouse to my laptop with ease and tried it on different surfaces. I used it on my traditional mouse pad and it worked flawless. I put it on my table without the mouse pad and the mouse continued to work flawless. So I tried something unconventional and put the mouse on my bed and moved it around. This mouse not only worked flawless but it didn’t skip a beat on being used on my laptop. As my eyes were returning to my head, I continued to check out the mouse. The HERO sensor that this mouse boosts is next generation technology that is just amazing. From my understanding, Logitech is making sure all their mice have the HERO sensor and feel this is one of the greatest inventions in a long time. This is a trend setting new sensor that is going to get us to better advancements in gaming itself!

The design just looked so sick from the distance and using it just felt so comfortable. I’m a very large person, I’m 6’3 with large hands, and a lot of things seem small to me. This mouse, the grip, the design, just felt so right on my hand. I was able to hold onto this mouse without having to train my hand to grip it correctly. This mouse design allowed my hand to not only hold onto it without thinking about it but it felt apart of my hand. There was times that I felt I was using it.

The battery this mouse boasts is long and fundamental in any gamer’s rig in competition or frequent gaming adventures. This mouse boasts a powerful battery life that hasn’t been seen EVER! This mouse can hold 140 hours of battery life before it needs to be charged. OK, let me say that again but slowly, this mouse can hold 140 hours of battery life before it needs to be charged. No longer will you have to be afraid about charging your mouse or having batteries since its wireless, you will have a charge that can go on literally for days and even weeks!

All in all, we enjoyed having fun with those mouse. This mouse showcased advanced features that we felt gaming’s feature is well taken care of by Logitech. They are at a forefront in gaming where thinking outside the box in creating new technology is their motto. If that isn’t, it should be as the technology seems alien as we used other companies mice and don’t even compare. The battery life, magnetic buttons, the Hero Sensor, the design, man oh man, I can talk hours about this but to experience this mouse is better than observing it.

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