LITTLE Q Film Review

LITTLE Q a film by Wing-Cheong Law is a story of Q a guide dog and her owner. We follow Q from her as a puppy her story and how she changes her owner’s life. Li Baoting (Simon Yam) is a chef and restaurant owner who is going blind. Mad at life he has fallen into a depression and has become difficult to be around.

Q is a loving dog in training to become a guide dog and fate will pair her with Li. She must overcome his abuse towards her and show him she is truly there to help him. Li is not willing to give her a chance and Q trying to do what she is trained for come to head when Li drags her out in the rain and leaves her outside.

Slowly Q shows Li she is there to protect and help him friendship blossoms and the two are now working as one unit and Li’s life is changed forever by her. Q shows him it’s ok to need help and Li changes the way he treats everyone and embraces a new life.

In every story, there is heartbreak and this one is like no other. It hits both Li and Q but the strength in their bond is strong. The love shared is strong and shows them both how far they have come.

Overall I give this film an 8 out of 10 for a great story. I am a dog lover and this one pulled on the heartstrings. The only complaint is film is not in English so subtitles one must-read. If that is not a deal-breaker you are in for a great film and may need a box of tissues.