Little Kids Inc. 2022 Toys Review

This years Toy Fair may have not happened, but companies out there were busy making sure the toys were being made for children. One company, Little Kids Inc, had a toy line this year that would make any child gleam with you! Their new toy line for 2022 focus’s more on the family aspect of having fun. This will give families more time to do things together and be a little creative as well. The imagination from Little Kids Inc on these next products are just amazing! We were able to get a few items from their new 2022 line to try out and see first hand on how cool these toys are!

The Products We Reviewed

PAW Patrol Blast Off Bubble Blowers

Star Wars Grogu Bubble Machine

Fomilator (2 pack)


  • Safe
    • Each product is very safe! The foam used for all products disappeared in a matter of minutes even when they were on our clothes. The foam didn’t stain our clothes or harmed our skin as well. I was very impressed on how lightweight the Paw Patrol Blaster was around my son’s arm. He was able to move around freely and didn’t feel tired from the blaster being on his arm.
  • Creative
    • The Grogu bubble machine is just so creative! This bubble machine continued blowing bubbles for over 30 minutes straight! Yes you heard me! We are used to using bubble machines that last for 5 minutes before needing to be refilled. This bubble machine kept on going and going! Grogu must have used the force to keep the fun and excitement going for us all! We were so tired from all the bubble chasing as well! This is one of our favorite products from the line!
  • All Family
    • The Fomilator came with a 2 pack of guns to shoot foam at each! The foam was safe as it didn’t stain or hurt our skin and we were able to move around a lot! My son and I played against each other with a little game we came up with and then we handed off our guns to my daughter and wife after we calculated a score. They all had fun with these guns! They are safe, lightweight and made us run a lot! This product provided us a ton of exercise as well as a way to have fun with each other!



Rating: 10 out of 10

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