Like A Motorcycle new album Dead Broke is out now

Like A Motorcycle new album Dead Broke is out now! A flash of punk and rock grips you on the edge of your seat! Dead Broke is an album filled with various debts that happens in life that coarse through your veins with lessons learned. Their solution is to take life by the tortilla, and fry it out while jamming to make some good music. Their single for the album Punk Two (Dead Broke), brings a flavor that is not too cheesy but with the right amount of milk and heat. I know, the video features some good Mac N Cheeze, but it gives you a full view of what they did to bring themselves out of the circle of despair. The full road is open for Like A Motorcycle with their punk rock showcase throughout the album.

Punk Two Video:

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Press info:

Punk Two” is a tune about bated breath transactions, seeing the words insufficient funds more than the word approved, and feeling like the debt you’ve incurred is worth more than your actual life.


It’s written from the perspective of someone who has unwittingly burned all their bridges, sucked people dry, no longer has anyone to turn to for help and has no one to blame but themselves.


The line, “In the next life, first round’s on me,” perfectly sums up the sentiment and the character of this song. Always the promise squaring back up with people when it’s literally never going to happen in this lifetime.
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