Light the Fire with VAVA new tune Wild Thing

Light the Fire with VAVA new tune Wild Thing! VAVA new song is about where that wild thing finds you! Even in the circles your in, that wild thing still finds you. I am enjoying the song as VAVA tells her story of trying to be chill but her wild side comes out at times. You then take a look inside yourself to understand that that wild thing is apart of you and must cherish it as you do with your regular side. I’m enjoying VAVA’s voice throughout the song and the music that is accompanying it.

listen here:


VAVÁ is Los Angeles based, Brazilian-American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and composer, Vanessa Wheeler. Her 2018 release, “The Other Side” blended guitar-focused, progressive pop and rock music that garnered attention from record labels, led to tours with The Dear Hunter and The Family Crest, and shared stages with such Angeleno music illuminati as Lauren Ruth Ward, Adam Levy, Mason Stoops, Emily Elbert, and Dillan Witherow.