Lify Wellness to launch the new “DIY Consumer Health” solution at CES 2021

Recently nominated as one of “11 Innovative Wellness Startups To Watch In 2020” and the most promising investment opportunities, Lify Wellness is a multiple-award-winning wellness beverage solution, helping busy city dwellers achieve different wellness goals with ease.

Answering the rising demand for superfood and traditional medicinal products in a more approachable and enjoyable format, Lify is designed with the big vision to make a healthier lifestyle more accessible for everyone, anytime and anywhere.

With its patented ultra-high pressure infusion technology, the Lify Smart Herbal Brewer offers a fast and efficient way to extract herbal ingredients – a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea in just 40 seconds. It’s one of the most relaxing and delicious ways to enjoy adaptogens, CBD, collagen and other superfood ingredients.

The Lify Smart Herbal Brewer is also an IoT smart home appliance where users can control and customize their brewing methods (temperature, volume and extraction time) to their liking. Users can also get recommendations on which wellness formula to drink based on their body conditions, moods and the real-time weather – a new DIY approach for consumers to track, identify and solve their wellness needs.

Lify works with a team of wellness professionals (TCM practitioners, herbal scientists and tea masters) to handpick the best herbal ingredients from both the East and West to create each Wellness Formula. Each Lify Herbal Disc is then packed and tested rigorously (against harmful materials like heavy metals, pesticide residues, etc) to ensure maximum freshness and food safety.

Lify Herbal Discs are also eco-friendly and compostable at regular landfills in just 2 years, a far more sustainable and convenient solution than other beverage capsules in the market.

Media partners are now invited to visit our CES 2021 booth to learn more about Lify’s new “DIY consumer health” solution, a capsuled beverage system similar to Keurig and Nespresso but for wellness and enabled by IoT to allow personalization and recommendations!

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About Lify


Lify is the world’s first Smart Wellness Remedy system with a big vision to make a healthier lifestyle easily accessible for everyone. Lify is reinventing traditional medicinal wisdom with the use of smart technology, offering busy urban dwellers the most convenient and sustainable way to access personalized wellness solutions curated to answer their health and wellness needs.


Lify is currently raising their A-round funding to fuel their global expansion efforts into the US in 2021. Strategic investors and distributors are invited to join Lify’s exciting growth journey to promote personalized wellness to an increasingly health-conscious global audience. Funded by renowned investors and strategic partners, Lify first launched their products in Hong Kong in December 2019 and has since expanded into Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.


Lify has won 11 international awards including the 2020 German Design Award (Gold Award), 2019 European Product Design Award, GOOD DESIGN and A’Design Awards. Lify is also a winner of Impact Kommons, a sustainability accelerator organized by the New World Development Group, recognizing Lify’s commitment towards sustainability and eco-friendliness.