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Life’s A Beach Giveaway Hop Amazon Gift Card

The feel of the breeze! The smell of the ocean! Our podcast DTS GEEK Show being played in your car that will surely bring you laughter, knowledge and gas while listening on your trip to the beach. We all crave those two distinct pleasures in life as we know what would come next after that roadtrip? A splash in the ocean is best for anyone out there today! What else is needed?

DTS GEEK Show Ep 4

How about a gift card to get something you may need at the beach!!!


One winner will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card to be able to get something that you can use on that road trip to the beach! We always forget the small things in life such as sun block, which be sure, to get asap! I would look into that and also some nice shades that are in Amazon.

Contest starts today May 4th at 12am until May 18th at 11:59pm and contest is U.S. only at this moment. One winner will win a $5 Amazon Egift Card that will be emailed to them. Also, be sure share this article with your friends and family and like our social media pages!

Enter here:

Life’s A Beach Giveaway Hop Amazon Gift Card

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  1. sofina

    I love that with the warmer weather,my mood becomes so much better and that we can get the kids out more.

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