Life of the Party Review

Life of the Party starring Melissa McCarthy is an off the wall comedy. Deanna played by (Melissa McCarthy) is faced with some unexpected setbacks in her life. She set off on a midlife crisis redemption quest to finish college. At her old alma mater only she does not take into consideration her daughter a senior there. She throws her self back into collegiate life with her daughter and her sorority in tow. Deanna is embarking on a hilarious ride filled with the comedic touch only Melissa McCarthy can do. This film is filled with laughter and sadness and is a great film with its release date Mother’s day weekend.

I thought this was a very funny film overall Melissa plays her character very well and gives her the touch she is known for. I saw this screening with my Mom as she is a fan of Melissa watching her and crowd reaction to the movie. You get feeling that all the mothers were connecting with Deanna and the struggles and lessons she was facing and teaching the girls.  Life of the Party is a great film to take your mother too or daughter too or if you just want to have a good laugh. Melissa McCarthy is the Life of the Party go check it out this weekend