Libra Gets Nostalgic with “Summer Night (featuring Marnie Price)”

Los Angeles, CA – Brazilian indie-pop artist, Libra, captures the essence of what it’s like to be in love in his newest single, “Summer Night (featuring Marnie Price).” Libra showcases his indie melody with a soulful beat to express the calmness of a summer night. The melodious single is now available on all digital music platforms worldwide.

Summer is a time for many of us to unwind, relax, spend some time in the sun, and be more adventurous. Although the world has been an unpredictable place lately, this song is a great reminder to have peace, serenity, and chill out. “‘Summer Night’ is an ode to new beginnings and a soundtrack for the summer as we slowly get our lives back,” says Libra. “Let’s sweat out our problems and celebrate this time with friends, by the pool, having our favorite drinks, and letting that summer breeze carry our worries away.” This euphoric single relaxes the mind and brings listeners back to that summer feeling no matter where they are in the world. More importantly, this single is used to celebrate life and all of the joy that comes with it.

Libra is the brainchild of Zeh Monstro, a Brazilian native who began his musical career playing drums in a punk rock band at the age of fifteen. After playing in several bands in Brazil, he decided that it was time to come to the United States to play music with his band called “Name the Band.” They had a prominent career as they played Lollapalooza, reached a million hits on Spotify, toured all over the US, and released two albums. His solo project Libra was born out of six years of observations by an outsider looking in, a South American taking on what it means to live, love, and party in LA. For Libra, Monstro plans to collaborate with different artists for each track. “Summer Night” features Marnie Price, a young Los Angeles vocalist who showcases a beautiful, mellow tune that complements Libra’s pleasant voice to make the style of this single charming and unique. “Summer Night” showcases Monstro’s indie side by creating a delightful sound with a vintage feel. He draws on influences such as David Bowie, Sade, The Strokes, Lana Del Rey, and Metronomy with Brazilian Bossa Nova to culminate his sound. Drawing on additional influences outside of music, Zeh Monstro is also an avid painter and fashion-oriented.

Feeling grateful for the little things the summer season has to offer is something that people often take for granted. Libra reminds us to soak in the beautiful sunset with your favorite drink in hand and enjoy life for what it is. This soothing groove relaxes the mind as listeners unwind for the summer season. Stream “Summer Night (featuring Marnie Price)” now on digital music platforms worldwide. To keep up with Libra’s journey, follow him on Instagram @LibraMusicOfficial.