Liberated is out on PC! Play the noir adventure in a cyberpunk world

30 July 2020 – Liberated is now out on PC! The indie action-adventure set inside a living comic book comes with visual upgrades, gameplay refinements, and 2 new and free DLC chapters. 

Liberated is a gorgeous hand-drawn action-adventure game about a revolution in a cyberpunk world. The player joins the group of activists who fight to uncover the truth about the oppressive government. Set inside a living comic book, Liberated takes inspiration from both media to deliver a stylish new experience.

The title from Walkabout Games and is available at $19.99, €18.99, £15.99 on Steam,, Humble Bundle and GeForce Now, with a -20% special launch discount.

PC Edition Features

Liberated has already been released on Nintendo Switch, to the acclaim of the core Nintendo press. The PC version of this indie title comes with a variety of new features, including:

  • 2 free DLC chapters
    – For the Homeland is the aftermath of the base game that also deepens the lore. The players follow a low-level official tasked with directing the public discourse online.
    – Glory to the Heroes shows how the government and the media twist the narrative about the events presented in the main story.
  • Full English voice-overs by Roboto Global
  • Ultra HD resolution support (4K and up)
  • Ultra widescreen support
  • High refresh rate support (144Hz and up)
  • High-res textures
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Support for Keyboard & Mouse + Gamepads
Liberated has struck a chord with the core Nintendo audience. Rewarded with a score of 8/10 by Nintendo Life, 9/10 by Pure Nintendo, and 8/10 by NintendoSoup, Liberated was praised for its unique hand-drawn visuals, a relevant and universal message, and its full and unparalleled commitment to the comic book narrative.


  • “An atmospheric, absorbing treat” – 8/10, Nintendo Life
  • “More than just a game” – 8/10, NintendoSoup
  • “An incredibly well-crafted game that executes both story and gameplay excellently” – 9/10, Pure Nintendo
  • “A standout title, both experimental and engrossing” – 9/10, Nintendo Enthusiast
  • “Fine example of how games can enhance storytelling” – 84%, Switchaboo

Check Liberated on PC: