Liberated: Enhanced Edition coming to Nintendo Switch, pre-orders starting, free upgrade & physical version available

November 17th, 2020 – Atomic Wolf and Walkabout Games are proud to announce that the Nintendo Switch pre-orders for Liberated: Enhanced Edition will start on 17th November, including the digital version on Nintendo eShop and the limited physical edition by PIXELHEART. The digital edition is scheduled to release on December 3rd, 2020, with the boxed edition to follow soon.

The digital edition pre-order comes with a 20% discount from the $19.99 official price. During the pre-order phase, and until the release, the owners of the standard edition will be able to upgrade for free to the Enhanced Edition.

Liberated is an action-adventure game set in a noir cyberpunk world, with striking presentation within a realistic comic book. Highly acclaimed by the Nintendo press, the game takes the player to a world inspired by iconic dystopian novels and movies. Fuel the fires of a cyberpunk revolution by jumping, sneaking, solving puzzles, and shooting.

Liberated: Enhanced Edition will include 2 additional story DLCs, full English voice-over, and gameplay enhancements. It will be also available in a limited physical edition published in cooperation with PIXELHEART.


  • 8/10 – “Fantastic take on a dystopian platformer” – Nintendo Life
  • 9/10 – “Genuinely gorgeous” – Pure Nintendo
  • 9/10 – “The best cyberpunk game on Nintendo Switch” – GamesHedge
  • 9/10 – “A standout title for Nintendo Switch” – Nintendo Enthusiast
  • 8/10 – “More than just a game” – Nintendo Soup
About Walkabout Games
The publisher behind Liberated and Wanderlust Travel Stories, Walkabout Games is a Polish publisher and developer of aspiring independent game studios. It supports ambitious projects full of new, exciting, and risky ideas that evoke the kind of amazement that we all love video games for.

The producer of Liberated video game and the developer of the innovative Playable Graphic Novel framework, first used in Liberated. The tool allows video game designers to blend the narrative with gameplay on the pages of fully interactive comic books.’s mission is to craft new gaming experiences inspired by everything we love about comic books: the visual language, flexibility, and the joy of compiling your personal collection.

About Atomic Wolf
Atomic Wolf was founded in 2017 with the purpose of creating games based on amazing stories and unforgettable characters. Its team is comprised of talented individuals, creative professionals, and promising enthusiasts from many different backgrounds with experience in game development, project management, marketing, and sales. Our people are our greatest asset and we’re passionate about what we do.

About Pixelheart
PixelHeart is a company that distributes and publishes independent video games on multiple platforms such as Dreamcast, Super Nintendo or Nintendo Switch, but it also works on projects such as board games, card games… Thanks to a team of enthusiasts and talented creators, we have the opportunity to work with the production company JoshProd and studios such as Storybird, Visco, Invictus Games, or Mr. Paul Cuisset the father of Flashback and Fade to Black. A real research work is done to find beautiful little retro/next gen beads, by finding the rightful owners of these licenses. We want to revive your gamers/retrogamers souls by offering you quality products, both in the packaging and the contents of the cartridges/CD.