Global Consulting Firm To Use CES 2022 To Formally Launch
New REV by Leyton Digital Platform to Help Startups Claim U.S. Government Tax Credits
Boston, MA (December 30, 2021) – When global consultancy Leyton honors this year’s winners of the company’s annual Sustainable Startup Challenge by providing them with exhibition booths in the Eureka Park Marketplace at CES next month, they will also use that opportunity to launch REV by Leyton – a new digital platform designed to help startups identify and claim U.S. Government tax credits.  An often complicated and cumbersome process, REV by Leyton helps early-stage growth companies reduce their organization’s tax burden, allowing for redistribution of resources to help companies grow their businesses.
“Companies, especially startups, need capital to be innovative and stay competitive, but growing a business, especially a tech startup, comes with financial risk,” said Leyton’s Head of Marketing Jeff Binczyk.  “To mitigate this risk, the U.S. government created federal tax credits to help businesses save money. While taking full advantage of these credits can free up cash, it’s not always easy. Claiming credits can be costly, time consuming, and confusing — especially when your team is focused on building your business.
“That’s why we created REV by Leyton — a digital platform designed to make claiming tax credits simpler, easier and faster for your business.” Fueled by Leyton’s in-house tax expertise and digital horsepower, REV helps companies identify tax benefits, maximize claims with a bulletproof audit defense, and leverage returns to power continued growth.
Leyton will formally unveil this program as part of the four-day showcase they will deliver to the three Sustainable Startup Challenge winners, who will exhibit from adjacent booths in Eureka Park at CES on the first floor of the Venetian Expo Center.
“Leyton created this international competition in order to support and fund innovative sustainable projects,” Binczyk said. “The contest is about promoting the best early stage Tech for Good, GreenTech and HealthTech projects in seven different countries across Europe and North America.” Two of this year’s winners are from Spain, the third hails from France.
This year’s winners include:
MOA FOODTECH – Tech for Good,
Spain, Booth #61247
A startup that offers an alternative source of sustainable protein, by deploying Artificial  Intelligence to transform products through the process of fermentation.
INBRAIN NEUROELECTRONICS – Health Tech, Spain, Booth #61249
A startup that decodes brain and nerve signals and translates them into medical solutions using graphene, a material around which earned researchers the Nobel Prize a few years ago.
HEOLE – Green Tech,
France, Booth #61251
A startup developing organic photovoltaic cells (OPV), which can be encapsulated in sails in order to deliver energy autonomy in boats and airships. They are flexible, semi-transparent and biodegradable, making them easier to use and above all limiting their environmental footprint. Héole intends to offer a virtuous solution for the unlimited autonomy of sea and air ships, thanks to the energy of the wind and the light.
Since it was founded 24 years ago, Leyton has been dedicated to the economic, ecological and social development of all types of organizations. Their consultants are technical experts who provide concrete solutions that contribute to clients’ growth and development. They encourage and celebrate early-stage companies wanting to make a difference in their journey with innovative solutions that can help to solve real world problems
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