Today, October 25th, emerging Venezuelan, Miami-raised multidisciplinary artist LexMo releases her new single, ‘Think Of Me’.

‘Think Of Me’ is a poignant heartbreak ballad about lost love and physical heartache, wrapped around emotionally gutting lyrics, serving as vivid snapshots into the changes of a past relationship. In LeXmo’s own words, ‘Think Of Me’ is “an ode to the resentment I felt for the way my first real love ended things and the way it broke me. I wanted him to know.” Throughout the song, LexMo shows her personal growth, carrying her own truth-filled story, buoyed by her ability to influence emotions with vocals equally embracing deep wounds and innocent vulnerability. The latest only intensified by the artwork and press shots captured by Miami-based photographer Merrett Fay, whose lens has snapped A$AP Ferg, Post Malone and Future among others.

Stream/Download: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/lexmo/think-of-me

Diving deeper into the inspiration behind the track, the fiercely honest singer-songwriter explains: “I’d just gotten out of a toxic relationship that was a constant cycle of fighting and forgiving, when I met someone who showed me it’s possible to have a healthy relationship based on more than just sex and jealousy. I found my first love in him. When life got in the way and I got sick, he gave his all to ensure I was okay. He lost himself over time trying to be there for me, and eventually ended things via text. I’ve never felt such physical heartache before. If my previous relationship tore me apart, this one opened up a new level of emotional pain I never thought I would recover from.”


Giving us a glimpse into her writing and production process, LexMo reveals; “I started messing around with some guitar loops that I tracked with my co-producer, Guaico. The vocal samples you hear at the beginning of the song made me feel melancholy but happy at the same time, which embodies exactly what the relationship I wrote about makes me feel. I was so happy with him and the life we had until things took such a hard turn. And that’s where I see blues and purples, and smoke in the air, showers running cold, dishes piling up, trips to the liquor store and joints smoked to the filter.”

Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, LexMo is a fearless bilingual singer, songwriter and producer whose varied practice as an artist include creative direction, video production, choreography, marketing and digital media. Her previous self-released singles, each accompanied by a video directed by LexMo herself – the dark alt-pop ‘I’m the worst (but I love myself)’ and the brooding R&B-laced single ‘White Walls’ – have proven her raw, unbridled talent.