LEECE new song “Move Your Feet” is out now!

LEECE new song Move Your Feet is out now! I’m enjoying this song by LEECE as I have listened to it nonstop for about 20 minutes now. I have been racking my brain to find the words to describe this song other than using the words “beautiful” “Awesome” and “Sweet”. But I haven’t been able to…the song has rendered myself speechless. This is a beautiful song by LEECE. Her voice just sounds so sweet like honey that it just sticks to my mind…just like honey. The song is awesome, I dig it hard and its good.

listen here:


Born in London, Ontario, LEECE developed her innate voice from a young age. After spending eight years in music school quietly honing her songwriting craft, LEECE ended her studies with a Master in International Business, where she proceeded to live across Canada, Italy and India. Since returning to Canada in 2016, she has been performing as a singer, commercial dancer, and writing and recording music.


This year, she released her first two singles – “Easier” and “Shadow” – and is now following with her new single “Move Your Feet.” The track is a playful indie pop track all about giving into your curiosity and never losing that drive to learn and to explore.