League of Legends Spring Split Season Begins Soon!




Season 8 NA LCS Spring Split is starting on Jan. 20 with some of the biggest changes League of Legends has ever seen with Runes Re-forged .  In the preseason, we were able to test and tweak some of our personal builds to fit our game style in solo queue.  We have seen some pro streamers use them in solo queue as well and even mimic a few of their builds.  What we have not seen is how the pros will incorporate the new runes as a team this upcoming season.  I am looking forward to see what new innovations are to come.


Not So Standard Game Play

Last year in worlds the team with the most innovative strategies was provided by the Vietnamese team, the Gigabyte Marines.   They were able to masterfully execute their plan and dismantle their opponent expeditiously.   They went outside of the Meta or standard way to play but brought fun and excitement to every game.  We all wondered, what else they have up their sleeves and watched anticipating glorious revolution with each draft pick.

What does this mean for NA?  Everything!  For many years we try to play the Meta created by another region and typically fall short.  Can this be the year we Re-forge our strategies and become the new standard?  We certainly will see how this season will unfold.

Day 1 Schedule

Here is a quick view of the upcoming schedule for Day 1.

Saturday, January 20, 2018- Day 1 Spring Split North America


 We will review each team leading up to Day 1 games.

But for now

Who are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Which teams will come away with a Day 1 victory?

Is it too early to say World Champion or Bust?

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