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League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury Game Review

League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury Game Review


If you’re looking for a game to keep you occupied with glamorous, over-the-top designs and endless options to gear up and power your character, then look no further than League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury. The expansion “Heaven’s Fury” was recently released on February 13 alongside a new server meant to help lighten the load of other servers in anticipation for the new expansion and honestly, while playing this game I don’t think I ever experienced any kind of lag or delay!

You are given 3 character options in the beginning (archer, mage & dragoon), but besides the visuals and different powers, these roles don’t really mean anything in-game as League of Angels seems to focus more on doing damage instead of playing class-specific roles. Some gear in the game is class-specific, so the real choice when choosing your character is which one of the 3 classes would you enjoy playing the game as and which class appeals to you visually.

League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury has an option to turn off auto-pathing and auto-battling, but this feature is not really worth the trouble of turning it off. It may sound counter-intuitive as most gamers like to play their video game characters, but you’ll find yourself quickly cycling through all your available powers so frequently and leveling up even quicker in the beginning that you’ll need the auto-battling feature on to allow you to focus on gearing up and powering up your character. Focusing on leveling and gearing-up rather than gameplay seemed odd at first, but as you progress through the game your leveling will slow down and allow you to enjoy the visuals the game has to offer.

There are a lot of daily events to keep you busy. Some events require groups to defeat the boss, but don’t worry about finding a group and instead just queue in as there are plenty of players doing the same. Other events have you treasure hunting, so if your thing is finding the rarest drops the game has to offer you have options too! All in all, League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury has fantastic designs and an endless array of power ups, weapons, armor, and events, but the gameplay is certainly something that can be improved upon in future releases. Play this game if you have time for endless quests and events, or if you enjoy looking at stunning designs while playing a game.