LBZ Tips The Scales With Sorry 4 Tha Weight Mix Tape

The numbers rise with each step taken and the scale tells the story. The hands are raised and the speakers scream with a siren and lo and behold the tape takes the story to the tunnel.

Jamming to this mix tape gets me going to the fridge and opening me a Bud light and just moving around to the tune from the speakers.

LBZ tips the scales with this masterpiece where the music rises through a voice that tells how cold the world is. The coldness breaks apart the table of sense with scattered pages of life funneled through the area.

I enjoy this mix tape as how the explosion is heard in the distance and gets the heart racing because you know its not the norm, its not the usual, and its not expected.

The taped mixtape is live where available and live to the expressions you are going to make when you hear the songs come out.

My favorites I’m jamming to is Way, Trappa, Bout That, 100 and the song I know should be on the radio is Want Shoot.

Go ahead and just download the mixtape HERE and check the status of what the flame which is growing brighter and higher. LBZ spills the statues and melts the gold as he takes the prizes and makes them the new standard.

Be ware hip hop and music itself actually, the scales are tipping and LBZ Sorry 4 Tha Weight will be taking a number to change the volumes of shelves.