LAVO new track ENEMY is out now!

LaVo possesses the ability to switch the mood of a track in an instant. The LA based singer-songwriter and producer crafts together a unique blend of alternative pop, incorporating various dance elements in stylish and suave production. Making his name first as a professional drummer, he then found a love for all aspects of the creative process of producing music. Always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible, sonically, LaVo has been releasing consistently rousing material since bursting onto the scene earlier this year.


His latest offering also transcends from one exploration of genres to another, in the upbeat and genre bending ‘Enemy’. It starts out as a Tame Impala-esque introduction with reverb infused vocals from LaVo, aligned with a funky bassline groove that will sit in your mind on repeat. The track then breaks into a more atmospheric verse before the same, addictive dance-pop sound hits you once more.

The real showcase of Lavo’s natural affinity for songwriting comes in the closing section of ‘Enemy’, where the ulsating synths continue into a euphoric instrumental, layered with female vocals on top of the already crisp and clear production. ‘Enemy’ is a vibrant and colourful track that has moved with the times, and LaVo’s versatility and guile shines through in this hugely impressive single.



Speaking more on ‘Enemy’ LaVo explains:


“At first I felt like I was writing this song from a point of attack. Through the process of finishing it, it became more about the duality we feel within ourselves and our relationship with others we hold close. I think it’s always easy to pick an “enemy” these days, But it’s never easy to see yourself as one. I think we have all wondered if that person you’re thinking about is simultaneously thinking about you. It’s always been one of those things I’ve wondered, maybe laughed at the possibility even but I do think there’s something beautiful about it.”