Lauren Lakis new music video for her dark song Run To You is out now!

The bells ring from afar and a horn is sounded to warn off the villagers from the coast. A ship is spotted and heading to coast that your fixated on. You know who it is…you know why they came…you blame yourself for inviting them again. As they land on the coast, they run up to the shore like they have never left. You keep your head down as you accept defeat! The sounds of twisted guitar riffs with screeching voices tear your voice out of your mouth. You sing a hymn that signals your dispear! Lauren Lakis new dark track Run To You gives you that utter feeling of failure of doing the same thing over and over again. You can’t look at yourself in the mirror yet accept the apology that never changes. A fantastic video showcased here by Lauren Lakis and a powerful display of emotion captured as well! Digged this song hard!

watch here: