Singer-Songwriter Lauren Housley releases her third full length album, ‘Girl From The North’, through her own label Lovebird Recordings on April 23rd. To celebrate the album release Lauren has teamed up with Roots Live! for a live streamed show from Sheffield on April 27th – More info and tickets here
The album comes on the heels of a string of irresistible singles; the feel good ‘This Ain’t The Life’, the atmospheric ‘Stay Awake To Dream’ and ‘What’s Troubling You Child’. Recorded with husband and longtime collaborator Thomas Dibb in their basement studio in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, ‘Girl From The North’ features ten new co-writes by the couple on a record of varied treasures and eclectic treats. Lauren’s style remains grounded in the roots world, with a hint of one of her childhood influences – “good Pop songwriting” – from ‘Sing To Me’ which Lauren describes as an “adult lullaby”, right through to the psychedelic-folk production of ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Guaranteed Sunshine’, a summery anthem reminiscent of early Sheryl Crow.
Wrapped in a fresh and eclectic sound, the central theme of the new record is one of rediscovering herself and her roots: “To move forward we sometimes have to go back. I wanted to prove to myself that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can make great music,” Lauren confides.


The follow-up to her widely praised 2017 LP ‘The Beauty of This Life’, Lauren and Thomas started recording and producing the bulk of ‘Girl From The North’ at the end of 2019 in the studio they built underneath a food hall in her hometown of Rotherham, South Yorkshire when a proposed move to London was halted by the news that they were expecting their first child.


Fast-forward to March 2020. Lauren had just attended Folk Alliance International in New Orleans when the global pandemic struck. Shelving the release of her new album, Lauren focussed on family life and preparing for the birth of Noah. The couple were forced to move their studio set-up into the one bed apartment in Sheffield they now called home, leaving little space for anything else let alone a new baby. Thomas mixed the full album there during the first months of lockdown – “a great way to stay sane!” Lauren adds, “one day Tom came home and said he was moving the studio into the flat that evening as he feared we were heading for a lockdown – it was announced the next day”. During that time, Lauren also broadcast a weekly live stream from her kitchen ‘Tuesday Night Live’, which drew praise from fans, peers and industry professionals alike.


Created in a joyously musical household in which Carole King plays next to Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow sits alongside Dusty Springfield, the album’s spontaneous theme of rediscovering roots, going back to where you came serves to remind  that music can get us through anything.
Girl From The North tracklisting: 1. Bless His Soul, 2. Guaranteed Sunshine, 3. What’s Troubling You Child, 4. Sing To Me, 5. Breakdown, 6. Two Lovers Lost In Space, 7. This Ain’t The Life, 8. Why Are We Making It So Hard, 9. Stay Awake To Dream, 10. We’re Not Backing Down