Last of the Irin’s Volume Two is coming in January

The second volume of the Last of the Irin online graphic novel sci-fi trilogy
will start to be released in early January

HONG KONG, December 15th, 2020 – The second volume of Last of the Irin, a sci-fi
graphic novel trilogy written by Rob McMillan and released online last June, will be
progressively released on the official website starting on
January 6th, 2021.

Gradually published online every Wednesday since last June, the Last of the Irin
Volume One final pages were revealed at the beginning of December. Following
the same release pattern, Volume Two will be available online on the official
website for free on January 6th, 2021. Mixing hard science fiction, revisiting history
and religion, and exploring ancient alien theories, Last of the Irin follows Anahita, a
young Armenian political refugee living in Sweden. As a Descendant of the
celestial families of Baal and Yahweh in a feud for millennia, the Earth h’s future is
now in her hands.

The trilogy has a deeper aim to challenge widely
accepted notions from western cultures and religions
about our history and the conception of modern

Passionate about history and religion and curious
about our human origins, Wildfry, the graphic novel’s
creator, who wishes to remain anonymous, came up
with the idea following a trip to Baalbek, Lebanon.
By the way, he visited every place depicted in the
comic book (except for space, obviously). Seeking to
be precise, he made a lot of research on the different
topics the book addresses.

As a result, various complementary resources are
available on the website in the
STORY and CODEX tabs in order to immerse readers
even more in this new universe.