Last of the Irin Volume 3 Review

Last of the Irin Volume 3 is out now with the epic conclusion of their 3 volume story! The story continues as we learn more of the expanded stories of the lore. We learn about the mules, which are pre historic humans, that were used to mine and listen to their technical masters. Then, the mules attack them and have them leave the planet. Right before they leave, they leave a gift to stop those attackers.

Later, we find ourselves back with Anahita and how she has progressed with her pregnancy. She finds out about a plan that Sarosh will be doing with the committee to repopulate Earth with new mules to start basically all over again. Anahita doesn’t want that to happen and wants to not only save her planet but also their identity for her new child. Then we learn a military commander has gone rogue as he wants to do things his way. We also travel through various different times and centuries to see more of this story unfold as well learn about some very cool alternate history!

I have to personally say this is one of my favorite stories to read! The amount of lore and characters displayed in all the volumes is just fantastic! I don’t really want to spoil much in this review but I have to say the ending was hella amazing!

If you have the chance, be sure to click the link below and take a dive into Last of the Irin! You will enjoy how broad the story is throughout each volume and you will be hooked hard!

Rating: 10 out of 10

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