Last Bus in the A.M. – Bestfriend is Out now!

East and West coast musicians Bestfriend have their latest single out now! Last Bus in the A.M. is a nostalgia trip for anyone that appreciates their memories of the past.  The video is posted below and check it out, you will enjoy it and remember the good times.


From their BIO:


Last Bus in the A.M. is about youth, nostalgia and memory. How it feels to emotionally crash at a party, and question whether you’re only there for the familiarity and comfort.  

Credit: Kyla Schnellert

Picture 11pm on a Friday night when you’ve just arrived at the scene and everything is still really new and fun. Your pals are here! You dragged your ass out of your house to get here! For some reason you feel like you’re supposed to be excited!  

You haven’t had the record scratch moment yet, suddenly realizing you don’t wanna be there. But it’s coming for sure, and it all kinda tumbles downwards after that.  

The moment of clarity in the bathroom when you realize your young adult life is for self-development, discovering who your people are, and how you want to present yourself.  

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