Land Film Review

Land a film by Robin Wright starring Robin Wright, Demián Bichir. Land is a beautifully shot film with some breathtaking landscapes. A story of Edee (Robin Wright) after a tragic accident she can’t take being amongst other people. She uproots and heads for the hills she buys land and cuts herself off from the world. Throwing her phone in the trash realtor’s office and asking for someone to come pick up her Uhaul and rental car. Leaving her with no way to reach the outside world and only with what she brought with her she dives into her new life of solitude.

She struggles to learn how to live without power and modern-day comforts. She is quickly over her head as winter hits she was not prepared for how savage winter can be. Lack of wood and run-in with a bear that leaves her food supplies ravished. She finds herself at the brink of death just as she slipping away. She is found by a Hunter and nurse passing by seeing smoke before after years of the cabin abandon they check-in and save her life.

A friendship starts with Edee and Miguel but not a fast one as Edee wants nothing to do with no one. Miguel is stubborn and they both find help in each other for their past traumas.  Sharing a similar heartbreaking loss they find a way to keep living and one to make peace and let go.

A sad story of a loss and losing the will to live only to find it back and make peace with the past. I can say I didn’t know what to expect from this film and was happy to be pulled into the story. The cinematography is breathtaking and pulls you into Edee emotions you feel her pain. I give this film an 8 out of ten for the story, the breathtaking scenery, and cinematography. A must see so pour a glass of wine or beverage of choice and give this one a watch out now on stream service of your choice and Bluray.