Kwan Chi – P.M.F. Featuring Gee Smiff and Produced by LDG Beats Music Review

Kwan Chi comes back with a hit and brings along a friend with him to sing on the track. Gee Smiff is a Virginia native and collaborator in the music scene there. The song is produced by LDG Beats and brings a unique taste to the song.

The song is called P.M.F. but everyone knows the initials to those words. You feel the vibe and harmony throughout the song and how direct they are with the lyrics.

The groove of the song is a relaxed chill factor that you want to listen to with your headset on .You can feel the words flow through Kwan and Gee with their powerful interpretations of themselves. The beat is just fantastic as its smooth and chill through the track.

Be ready and get chill with Kwan Chi and Gee Smiff! Listen to this hit prouduced by LDG Beats

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