Kur Pc Game Review


By Juan M Carrillo

KUR is a sci-fi FPS game developed by Really Ragdoll and it is published by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. Being only a demo, I only got to play a bit of the game, however as far as game and demos go this one is solid. The game is a throw back and a homage to the Doom series and other old school FPS. Its plain obvious that the game takes it charm from such an icon franchises which is not necessarily a bad thing. It does make me feel like nostalgic with his pixel shader and it is fun for what it offers.

The demo offers three weapons, single shot pistol that you can duel wiled, a shotgun and a machine gun, each one has its unique game giving that classic 90’s style vibe of Doom. It also introduces you a few types of enemy AI, a spider looking thing with a skull body and three types of bull-looking creatures. Which brings me to one of the things that bugs me about the demo. And that is the lack of a story or introduction. From the steam page it is described as “Boot flesh wearing robots across the screen.” Which leaves one to wonder what these creatures are. Being retro theme its hard to describe the creatures. To me they look like bull demons and not Robots. But that is just a minor astatic as the game walks you through how to play the game, picking up ammo, health and energy as well as this robot leg that seem to be a major feature of the game. Which it helps you kick barrels at enemies, break down doors, jump higher and jump wall to wall.

However, the Demo is not with out its flaws how ever small they seem to be. The controls are overly sensitive, and they seem to be like the default control settings for whatever game engine they are using. The HUD could improve by adding a mini-map and hot key control for weapons and a quest indicator or compass to show you were you are at. The blood splatter from enemies make it hard to see where anything is since it glows, and I had to turn on the brightness of the demo to see anything adjusting the game screen resolution also made things better and easier to see.

Overall, the Demo was a lot of fun, and I was bummed out that it only had two stages to go through. It did give me that nostalgic fun that the game is trying to capture, and it gave me that satisfaction that a lot of homage games try to do. With some minor tweaks I think Kur will be a game that give players some memorable and nostalgic feelings. It set to release quarter four of 2020 so around the holidays I would presume. I do have my reserves for this game however concerning the controls and lack of diversity in weapons and enemy AI but overall, I think this game will be worth a play through once it is released.

Kur Demo: 6.5/10 Rating.

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