Kristeen Young Releases New Single & Video “Your Mouth Is Going to Get You In All Kinds of Trouble”

Kristeen Young is pleased to present “Your Mouth Is Going To Get You In All Kinds of Trouble” the first single to be lifted from the Friday, June 24 release of her new LP, The Beauty Shop via The Record Label“Your Mouth Is Going To Get You In All Kinds Of Trouble” debuted at Post-Punk and the song is available on all streaming platforms for any playlist shares. The video was filmed by Kristeen at Renditions Salon on Route 66 in St. Louis, MO and the dream sequence was shot by Brian McClelland. 
Post-Punk says, “‘Your Mouth is Going to Get You in All Kinds of Trouble’ emerges from that world and that philosophy, a shrieking expulsion of memory, identity, and history. The song came to her fully formed during a grocery store run in her hometown of St Louis with drummer, Jefferson Wayne “Baby Jef” White. In addition to the talents of Young and White, the song features guitar by Don DeVore (Collapsing Scenery). Young produced it (with additional vocal production by Ainjel Emme) and then co-mixed it with Tony Visconti. Mastering was done by Mike Bozzi at BG Mastering.
On the song / video Kristeen says: 
Lips are injected, mouths are covered, yet people still talk a lot of shit. This is where the central theme (regurgitation) of the video for ‘Your Mouth Is Going to Get You In All Kinds of Trouble’ came from. It’s low. It’s ground floor. It’s digestive system; the bowels. But, it’s all filtered through the overall theme of The Beauty Shop. Each song on The Beauty Shop is assigned a major emotion and ‘Your Mouth Is Going To Get You In All Kinds of Trouble’s’ emotion is ecstasy. The fetish (beauty?) is revulsion, And it’s obvious we are living in that. 
The Beauty Shop, the forthcoming album from Kristeen Young, is comprised of musical snapshots in the life story of a serial killer, with each song inspired by a major emotion (ie. one song being rage, one being grief, etc.) But, really, the album is about how life kills our emotions. It’s also inspired by the little beauty shop in the ominous foster/adopted home in St. Louis, MO. USA where Kristeen spent her childhood. It also IS the USA.

Like her 2019 album, The SubSet, Kristeen wrote, arranged, and produced The Beauty Shop.  She has always been a DIY artist in the most classic sense: standing alone, outside, and in between categories. She plays piano in a sort of bashing/dissonant manner (but melodic at times) and sings using a wide range (of notes and emotion) that veers into operatic territory. But, the music is best described as no genre or multi-genre and she has done this for nine albums. It might be a popular (non)category now but this was not so 9, 8, 7 and even 1 album ago. She stood outside, alone. She is a pioneer and iconoclast. “Me too” happened. “The Enlightenment” happened. She still stands outside, alone. “Is there real change or only a change of guard”?

Watch: “Your Mouth Is Going to Get You In All Kinds of Trouble” video at Post-Punk or YouTube
Listen: “Your Mouth Is Going to Get You In All Kinds of Trouble” on All Streaming Platforms

Although a lifelong unsigned, manager-less, un-agent-ed artist, she has found support among some of the most undeniable artists of our time: David Bowie recorded a (Kristeen-written, self-released) duet with her. Kristeen toured, as opener, for several world-wide Morrissey tours (as well as singing on his #1 song, “That’s How People Grow Up,” and performed on Late Night with David Letterman with him. Dave Grohl played drums on her whole self-released 2014 album and then performed with her on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) played guitar on her self-released 2017 album. In 2020, she received her first New York Times review (an enthusiastic write-up by legendary music critic, Jon Pareles) of a re-working of the Bowie duet.

If there is no place for your creation you must create a universe for it. And this is what Kristeen has done for The Beauty Shop. Each song has a video companion that Kristeen shot, edited, designed and made all the wardrobe and props. Born in the same brain: the audio and the visual combine to compel you in. Here it makes surreal sense. You can feel it more than hear it. You are in The Beauty Shop. And it’s not always pretty…..even when it is.

Kristeen Young SXSW Tour Dates

Tuesday, March 15 – Austin, TX @ St. David’s Bethel Hall (8pm Set Time)
Thursday, March 17 – Austin, TX @ Iron Bear (9pm Set Time)