Kovox Pitch Review

If you do not know I am very addicted to Rhythm games and I am happy to say that Kovox Pitch has made it to my list. Going through the Tutorial was very easy to understand the only problem that I had was that I could not change my keybinds. It does give you the option but it would not allow me to change my keys. There is a small Story mode and a Free to Play mode. The most important aspect of the Kovox is the soundtrack and I have to say I loved all the songs that you were able to try. They were very upbeat and addictive.  


  • Soundtrack 
  • Key Response 
  • Challenging levels 
  • Customizable speeds 


  • Keybinds could not be changed 
  • Minor in-game freezing 

Rating: I would have to give this game a “8” out of 10  

Kovox Pitch is yet another addictive Rhythm game that just brings you back for more and more. I am excited to see what else comes from this game and what its creators have in store for the future of the game. It would be awesome to be able to upload your own music. But I would like to dive into the story mode a little more and see what is there more to offer but looks like we will have to wait till they game officially comes out.