Kovaak 2.0 Aim Trainer Review

First off, we want to thank The Meta for allowing us to be able to use Kovaak for this review. You guys are amazing and keep up the great workKovaak 2.0 is used as an aim-trainer to help players get the feel of FPS games. It has hundreds of training simulations to help you get better at the game that you are currently playing. When I first loaded the simulator, I didn’t know what I wanted to work on first but I did know how I was going to use this training to my advantage.  

Kovaak has put me threw some intense training that I never thought was possible. I have always been a hand on player where I would mainly get my learning experience in a Live game. But I am starting to understand how important it is to actually Train for a game and how much it could benefit you as a player.  One of the main reasons why I love this aim-trainer so much is because they have training for just about every game that I play. Overwatch, Fortnite, and if they did not have a game specifically that you are looking for you can always customize mouse and key-bind settings to your liking.


One of my favorite features is Kovaak Sandbox, the training immediately throws you into a tracking scenario where you have to follow Orange Dummies with your mouse to help you follow you opponent better in a fire fight. I know whenever I get into a fight sometimes, I cannot perfectly track the enemy because they are moving too fast or they know how to dodge in a close quarters gun fight. I also love how it tracks your progress as you play to see if you are doing better or worse.  

The more I trained on Kovaak 2.0 I felt that better I was getting at aiming down, tracking, flicking and just more overall performance did improve. I do wish they had a couple of other games to choose from like Apex, The Cycle, Doom Eternal, and a couple more I own. 


Hopefully in the future more training will be released and I am excited to see what those will be like. But as a whole Kovaak 2.0 is an amazing Aim Trainer that with time and practice, you will get better in.  I cannot wait to see what they come out with next and I hope you all enjoy this game as much I did. Link down below so you will be able to download your Kovaak 2.0 today! 

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8NABucEvsU[/embedyt]


Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/824270/KovaaK_20_The_Meta/

Website: https://themeta.com/

DeltronZ: https://www.twitch.tv/deltron_210