You are currently viewing Korean singer-songwriter Kevin Chung new track Friends To Lovers is out now!
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Korean singer-songwriter Kevin Chung new track Friends To Lovers is out now!

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A song that was destined to be played on a long drive with the windows rolled down, Kevin Chung captures
the essence of romance on his beautiful new track ‘Friends to Lovers’.

The Atlanta artist has obtained an ever-growing fanbase for his pattern of perfect indie-pop, and ‘Friends to
Lovers’ comes as no exception. The twinkling synths and whimsical melody cushion Kevin’s rosy vocals, with
the punchy percussion adding a cool edge to the rhythm. Whilst the lyrics are soft and melancholy, the overall
mood of the song is dreamy and upbeat, almost like reflecting on a happy time with warmth and not regret.
Elaborating on the inspirations behind the track, Kevin quotes “Friends to lovers encompasses a bittersweet
nostalgic feel that takes you back to cherished memories and creates a longing to stay in what used to be”.

The Korean-American singer-songwriter has always bore a deep passion for music, falling in love with it whilst
at church, before discovering pop and R&B. His artistic journey has seen him go viral on TikTok, as well as
having a string of success with his previous releases ‘1000X’ and ‘Finally Came Around’, which both have over
400,000 Spotify streams respectively. His dedication to creating a pathway in music for fellow Korean-
American artists is at the forefront of his career, and with his debut EP set to be issued to the world in Autumn,
he is on an incredible track to doing so.
With ‘Friends to Lovers’ to hold us out until then, Kevin Chung is looking to be one of 2021’s most promising


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