Kooring Wonderland VR: Mecadino’s Attack Now Available on Steam and Vive Port

Kooring Wonderland VR: Mecadino’s Attack, a new educational adventure addressed to kids, is now available on Steam and Vive Port, and it’s compatible with Valve Index, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It will be a new gift for your family and kids.
Kooring Wonderland VR : Mecadino's Attack
Join Kooring, a little alien boy, in his new quest to restore happiness in Wonderland and defeat the evil Red Queen. The title features 6 mini-games in which you’ll have to collect all the golden medals.
Kooring Wonderland VR: Mecadino’s Attack is the first  adventure of the franchise available on PC but it won’t be the last one since a new one will be announced soon.
Apart from appearing on PC, Kooring’s franchise is available in VR arcades, theme parks and arenas.