KOORING VR Coding Adventure Now Available on Steam and Viveport

Learning Coding with Realistic Media, VR Educational Contents
KOORING VR Coding Adventure Trailer (English)
Seoul, Republic of Korea –January 12, 2021– KOORING VR Coding Adventure is an edutainment content that allows you to learn coding while playing a game based on a cute character and a fun story, now available on Steam and Viveport.
It may not be easy to grasp the fun of games and the learning effects of education at the same time. However, if contents can be made to be enjoyable like children’s favorite games, children can learn naturally while playing.
It is noteworthy that KOORING VR Coding Adventure was recognized as a VR edutainment content that satisfies both education and fun at the ‘2020 Wave Developer Awards (WDA)’, a global VR content contest.
As a parent or teacher, if you want your children to experience new types of VR content suitable for future education, I think that KOORING VR Coding Adventure is the best content for children to enjoy safely and fun.
  • Learning Mate: Consolation and cheering, even when it’s difficult! From the beginning to the end of learning, Kooring will be there for you as a wonderful learning partner.
  • Storytelling: Double the fun with the comical behavior of your characters! Improve your concentration of learning with cartoon-like stories.
  • VR Debugging Learning System: From easy to difficult! A step by step system which focuses on systematic concepts through incremental repetitive learning.
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