Knockout City Xbox Series S Review

I have to admit this… there hasn’t been a game where would capture my attention to work hard to win in years! I would never expect it to be a game of dodgeball. Dodgeball has been fun for children in school yards for generations before the pandemic happened. Now, with the game Knockout City, you feel like your back in the school yards ready to deck your best friend who is your opponent in that game.

Today, I was able to download Knockout City using my Xbox Game Pass with EA Play and try it out. I was able to play this game on my Xbox Series S and have to say this game is ADDICTING! The graphics are fantastic with that 50’s flair that will have you think they just reinvented the wheel. The reinvention, though, is creating a game such as Knockout City in dodgeball form that will have you waiting hard for the next round or next matchup of the game. The excitement you get while decking the person that is your opponent is very fulfilling. I did a quick review as I’m wanting to stream this game on Twitch, so check it out, get the game and come play with me! Should be fun!

Here is the review:


  • Dodgeball
    • Finally, a dodgeball game that will put you in danger but make you feel alive each time you touch a dodgeball in every aspect of the map. I did the tutorial quickly for this game, but felt it was pretty self explanatory. You get a ball, find an person opposite of your team and let them have it! There are two rounds in the game where the first team to get to 10 will win that round. The balls are placed in strategic areas where you can go get one and then look for an opponent. This game is addicting!
  • Different Balls
    • The use of various type of balls in the game is something that I enjoyed. Hell, I was able to turn myself into a ball and let a teammate use me to destroy an opponent. Other than that, various balls include bomb balls, cage balls, and more. I felt this made the game more exciting as you wanted to get that specific ball and deck your opponent.
  • 50’s type characters
    • My character looked like he just rolled out of a local malt show in his car looking for a good time. I felt an old school vibe not from the game but from the characters themselves. Of course, you arrive prior to a match in a old school convertible as well. 50’s much!


  • Online
    • There were a few times my screen would glitch and wouldn’t allow me to play in multiplayer and game will proceed while I’m still in lobby. I thought that was pretty weird but hope its something that can be fixed ASAP.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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