KLOUD’S Anticipated EP “1093” Out May 14 On Lowly

Electronic producer and artist, KLOUD, is back with his debut four-track EP of 2021, “1093.” The track list includes: LOVE ME (featuring Gabriel Paris), TAKE, RECONNECT and COLORBLIND. Each song takes you on a journey of their own, but all together, they flow to create an overall bigger story. 


1093 was the name of a random demo KLOUD made, and used it as a filler as he randomly typed out 4 numbers with no reasoning. After weeks of trying to find a name, it came to fruition that 1093 was interesting, and he wanted to see if there was any meaning behind it. Somehow, the meaning of 1093 was oddly streamlined with the thought process that he took while creating the EP. Focused on building out a story of self-importance and individualism, KLOUD titled the EP ‘1093’ to relate to the angelic meaning of the numbers.


In collaboration with Crypto.com’s new NFT platform, KLOUD has released one of four animated NFTs for his upcoming EP. Each single has a 15 second alternative version of what the song represents. On April 13, over $100,000 in sales we made in the first four hours of the first NFT drop.


Stream “1093” out on all platforms May 14 HERE.



KLOUD is an electronic producer & artist that merges timeless electronic sounds with modern production elements; sonically inspired by darker techno/house, electro & analog synthesizers. By perception, KLOUD is an elusive fictional character that plays off the modern realities of data privacy, artificial intelligence and robotics.