Kitty Junk new track “Head Rush” Out Today

The gritty, glittery rock duo known as Kitty Junk has already made an imprint on their hometown of Seattle, but headbangers beyond the PNW will soon be joining the pit as well. Kitty Junk produces moody, heady melodies with lyrics bound to resonate with heavy music lovers. Their new single “Head Rush” dropped Thursday, May 27, 2021, the same day the two head into Earwig Studio in Seattle to record the rest of their debut album.

At first listen, “Head Rush” can seem like a simple and catchy grunge anthem, but the track contains a much deeper meaning than its addictive chord progressions. The single sheds light on the deepest thoughts of one’s mind and how these inner-thoughts can become twisted and confusing, but the “Head Rush” occurs when the individual sees past this tangled web. The “Head Rush” serves as a moment of clarity, a moment of composure. Kitty Junk guitarist and vocalist Ryan gives the track a punk feel with her spooky and melodic chord progressions, in addition to her powerful and dynamic vocals. The duo’s drummer Angie adds a slow rock feel to the track with echoey fills and groovy drumming patterns.

Kitty Junk members Angie Dane and Ryan Lee make up the rhythm section of all-female hard rock trio Atrocity Girl, along with guitarist Johnny Angel. The band formed as an independent, creative entity after many sexist encounters within the music industry. The band aims to make the rock world a more gender-inclusive and POC-friendly space. This frame of mind is no different for Kitty Junk. The duo works to achieve the same goal and empowers their female listeners through their heavy, hard-hitting tracks and their activism work.

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In response to many sexist encounters in the music industry, the girls in Kitty Junk have:
– built their own home studio called Atrocity Records
– founded Womxn & Audio, a place for female and non-binary audiophiles to gather safely and host weekly audio masterclasses
– founded Gear Fanatix, a forum alternative to gearslutz for underrepresented voices in audio
– won the Jack Straw Cultural Center 2021 Artist in Residence award

Unfortunately, Kitty Junk has not been able to perform live due to the ramifications of COVID-19; however, this has not stopped their creative process and excitement for the day that they can show their talent to a live audience. Until then, the female duo is only adding more ammunition to their collection of undeniably catchy tracks. As Atrocity Girl told TOM TOM Mag, “All hope is not lost. Times are hard, but together we will get through this, and we can be a soundtrack during these times. Support the music and arts so people can keep on creating.”