KiraCura Brings The Sound of 8 Bit into Music Abyss

Cartridge after cartridge is being played from various game consoles in the era we considered the Golden Days. I remember as a child playing my NES and playing games such as WWF Wrestlemania, Ninja Gaiden, and Legend of Zelda and loving the music associated with each title. The music would signify a situation either heightened or to create a level with a soothing ecstasy for the gamer. With the music, an essence of the art is needed and this artist showcases her gallery though her 8 bit musical prowess.

-KLR- or KiraCura is a musician that creates an art called Chiptune that isn’t used by many but usually hear from through a classic game. She blends elements of musical tastes to bring a sound that takes a hold of you and shakes your world apart.

She comes from a family of gamer’s that have enjoyed the lifestyle of playing games with such consoles such as N64, SNES and of course NES. She enjoyed playing Turtles in Time from the SNES and of course Legend of Zelda on the SNES. She is a huge Smash Bros 64 advocate for the game on the N64 and I do hope to play her one of these days.

She learned music at a young age with her starting out playing with a violin and continued being musically active in high school. She had the distinction of being on the first violin section  in orchestra and only on the last year was she in the second violin section. In the first violin section, she would usually be ranging from 5th chair to 3rd chair and she enjoyed playing the violin as it breaks free from the traditional sense of music and creates a melodic melody that the eyes and ears would enjoy.

KiraCura was able to make music from her 3DS and create her vision of art though the sounds produced from an app she used on there to create her Chiptune music. The music she created is something very different to the sounds of speakers yet puts a crown of what gaming music should be. She has taken the 8 bit and built a Mona Lisa of masterpieces with her music.

She was able to perform at Classic Game Fest and is continually building her music library through the tracks she has from her 3DS and now with her new program called Ableton. She is now able to mix and master her music with more instruments and showcase her creativity through a grander stage of programs.

Follow her on SOUNDCLOUD, YOUTUBE, AND FACEBOOK and check out the newest music from KiraCura

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