KIN Movie Review

Kin is the story of a young teenage Eli (Myles Truitt) who is dealing with the loss of his mother. All he has is his father Hal (Dennis Quaid) and a brother who just got out of prison. Dealing with the loss of his mother and his father’s strict ways he starts to get in trouble. Now suspended from school he goes to old building to scrap for stuff to sell. He comes to one building only to find a bunch of dead bodies but in some strange gear he picks up a metal object only to have it open up in his hands scared he tosses it down and it falls down a hole in the building. Running away back home he sees his father who tells him his brother Jimmy (Jack Reynor) out and will be home for dinner and to stay for awhile he warns him to be careful with him. They catch up a bit but the dad and Jimmy get into it and he goes and sees someone he owes money too. Not having the money Taylor (James Franco) tells him well I will have to visit your father Hal and Eli. Jimmy tells him he has the cash just not on him he goes home talks with his father about letting him and Taylor rob the place. They get into an argument and Jimmy tells his father why he erased him from the house with his new replacement son. Eli hears this and takes off back to the place he found the bodies to get the item he dropped. he gets back and all the bodies are gone he gets the item only to find out it’s a weapon space age gun.

Hal talks with Eli about his getting into trouble tells him “if I’m hard on you it cause life is hard” Hal finds his scrap and take him to the job site to call the owns to return it. Only to find the lock cut and he tells Eli to stay in the truck he goes in to find Jimmy and Taylor in there robbing the safe. Hal tells them to put it back and the fight starts. Jimmy runs out to the trucks and finds Eli and they take off telling him there was an accident and he had to take him home. They take off on a trip he tells him that dad will meet them in a few days. Brother’s bond and learn to get to know each other. One night Jimmy take Eli to a strip club where they meet Milly (Zoe Kravitz) where Jimmy gets on stage and get beat up for as there beating him Eli goes and gets his gun and tells them to stop they laugh at him he fires the gun and shocks everyone they take off with Milly and start the next part of the trip. The film really takes off from here. This film is a bit of a slow burn but the backstory set up makes sense and needs to be set up. For the for ending to tie everything. For a sci-fi film, we get into it at the end of the film. The story is a good one and leaves it open for more films which I hope they make to get more of Eli story of who he really is and where he came from.