Killsquad’s Summer Event is Now Live!

Today Novarama invites players to participate in the first official Summer Event of their sci-fi co-op ARPG, Killsquad, for a chance to win exclusive prizes. After an extremely successful Steam Early Access launch last month, developers wanted to thank players and have begun rolling out community-centric initiatives in the run-up to its first major update UNSEEN coming in a few weeks.

Summer Event teaser:

Every week throughout August players will have an opportunity to obtain an exclusive bounty hunter skin, starting with Cass. By completing contracts, players will collect special tokens that they can cash in for the new skin, which is only available for the duration of the event, ending on September 20th.

Killsquad SUMMER EVENT teaser

About Killsquad
Killsquad is a top-down co-op action RPG set within the futuristic world of bounty hunters known as ‘killsquads’, who take on contracts and raid planets for loot and glory. The game revolves around quick session-oriented missions featuring an in-depth loot and class system with procedurally generated levels ensuring an intense, action-based single and multiplayer experience. With a variety of different weapons and contracts to unlock and equipment to acquire, players have a seemingly endless selection of options to utilize in a deadly universe that’s always active. Built on Unreal, Killsquad is an indie AAA game available on Steam Early Access with plans to launch on console for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2020.

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About Novarama
Novarama was founded in 2003 in Barcelona, Spain, with a simple idea in mind: to create innovative games with mass-market appeal. Novarama’s games focus on creating and supporting game worlds across formats, building game communities that bring people together and last many years.

For over nine years, Novarama has worked exclusively for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, publishing titles on PSP, PS VITA and PS3. They introduced Augmented Reality to the masses with the Invizimals saga, which has generated six titles, sold 2.5 million units, and spawned a franchise ranging from TV Shows, toys, trading cards and video games.

Killsquad is Novarama’s first title as self-published developer. For more information, visit: