Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Review

kickapoo lucky eagle casino

I always heard my aunts and mother talk about taking the bus to Eagle Pass to go gambling at the Indian casino. I never really thought what they meant but once older and my friends said hey, lets go do a guys night out at the casino. I thought hey this might sound fun and ended up staying the night at the hotel and gambling all night and day.

I was very impressed by the size of the casino, I actually thought it was going to be small and not enough machines for everyone but the amount of machines and amount of new machines was astonishing. My favorite is Lucky Duck the $1 game and have been able to win a few hundred on just that game alone. There was a good amount of games involving celebrities such as Michael Jackson or even the Vegas friendly movie The Hangover. The prices for the games range from 1 cent to the high rollers of $25. I didn’t venture any further than that. They do have a bingo hall and a room for poker but I didn’t make those rounds.

The hotel was top notch, the room was very comfortable, the beds felt just right and just being a few feet from the casino room made it all better. The price at that time was $99 dollars for a room and we all pitched in 24 dollars to help each other out and it was well worth it.

The food at the casino is ok, I fully recommend the buffet as you get more options and bang for your bucks but I also like the Mexican food they had a la carte and enjoyed the jalapeno nachos. They were only $7 dollars but I enjoyed them fully and weren’t too spicy for my sensitive stomach.

When you get there, get the players club card in order to build points from playing the machines and also get good coupons in the mail such as lucky bucks. Lucky bucks are extra money or incentive for you to go to the casino and use when you play the machine there. I have been able to win some good money just on using my lucky bucks balance.

In all, I fully recommend this casino as its near San Antonio and actually has a better rated machines to win at the time. The casino has been getting really crowded lately, but they are doing improvements as I speak right now to add thousands more machines, more spaces, bigger parking lot, and a Cilantro restaurant. I would say check this place out and enjoy your time if your a gambler that is there for making money and enjoying your time with various machines.