Kentucky Tavern Whiskey Product Review

The roads all led to this whiskey that provided us a highway of amusement. We raced each other on taking sips and laughing with the exhaust of fun. We then stayed on the slow lane to fully appreciate the firm yet solid taste from this whiskey. We were able to do a review for Kentucky Tavern Whiskey at Dblock Studios and we weren’t disappointed! All members drinking this whiskey were over 21 and did not drive. We do not encourage drinking and drive, please be safe and responsible.

This particular whiskey is a favorite of ours now as we love to drink whiskey as a group. We had to stopped our conversations of business and just be in awe of how vulgar this whiskey made us feel. We were entrenched by the taste, smoothness and of course knock out punch this drink provided for us. We all did take shots but it felt like we were going in for a long battle. The drink so good, we just didn’t want it to end. We did our mixture test and it passed with flying colors. We each used a cup of Coke mixed with whiskey for additional taste tests and myself used a Diet Coke as well you know, its diet. We enjoyed how well the whiskey blended with the Coke and made each sip last a lifetime.

In all, we enjoyed drinking Kentucky Tavern Whiskey. We were astonished by the fun, social aura this drink provided for the team while we were taste testing. This review provides only a snippet of what we enjoyed from this outstanding whiskey. We encourage ya’ll to get out there and get yourself a bottle as well! Remember you must be 21 and over in order to get it.

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