Kenny Hada & The Others new track Hair Trigger is out now

AUSTIN, TX- The latest release from Kenny Hada and The Others, Hair Trigger, details the familiar and unprecedented emotional toll of extreme isolation caused by the pandemic. Inspiration for the single came during the height of COVID when human contact and interaction were virtually nonexistent- fueling unfamiliar feelings of frustration and claustrophobia as a result. Hair Trigger’s lyrics not only illustrate the natural human craving for contact, but the irony of rejecting contact as a consequence of indefinite separation. The intensity of these emotions is underscored by the powerful biting of the electric guitar- bringing the emotional turmoil to a head with the electrifying guitar solo. Hair Trigger is set to release ahead of Kenny Hada and The Other’s upcoming album Love Deluge in March 2022. More about Kenny Hada and The Others can be found on their website, Instagram, and Facebook.