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Kendra & the Bunnies Releases New Album Of Consideration!

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The awaited musical return of the wonderful Kendra & the Bunnies has officially arrived with the release of their newest album ‘of Consideration’. The album is a folk rock ‘n roll sound with San Francisco intonation and an arena rock LA vibe. Recorded in San Francisco at the famous Hyde Street Studios (formerly known as Wally Heider Studios), there is so much soul and artistic creativity to discover in this project’s full band sound. Greats such as the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Jefferson Airplane, Cake, Tupac, Kanye West, and more have recorded here. ⁣

Interestingly enough, a lot of the album is inspired by the Dead, Neil Young, and Tupac. As circumstances would have it, the universe brought together all the perfect components, so that Kendra could record in the same studio that “American Beauty” by the Grateful Dead and “Volunteers” by Jefferson Airplane was recorded. ⁣

The inspiration for this album is 1990’s backbeat meets the 70’s. “of Consideration” combines themes of classic love with melodic folk freestyle. It’s singer-songwriter rock with a beatnik vibe. Something you hear revolutionaries dropping knowledge to in that underground coffee shop down the road. She was listening to a lot of ‘A Tribe Called Quest” when writing this collection of songs which makes for a very powerful album that takes listeners on a journey.


Produced by Dreamrack Studios San Francisco. Featuring the band members: Kendra Muecke (Lead vocals, songwriting, rhythm guitar), Trent Berry (Lead guitar, mixing), Troy Berry (Drums), Giuseppe Pinto (Keyboard, synth), Bob Menacho (Bass), Hermann Lara (Horns), Blake Ritterman (Drums alternate).


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