Kel Adore Masks the Melancholy in Emotionally Contradictory Single “Happy Again”

LOS ANGELES, CA  –  Strikingly relatable lyrics encompassing the fight for happiness, Kel Adore releases her sophomore single “Happy Again” – available everywhere now. “Happy Again” mirrors our inner attempts to cover our brokenness with hope, masking the melancholy in a sonically mystical-pop track.

“This song is packed with contradictory emotions, which to me really captures the essence of grief,” says Adore“When we are grieving, we experience so many emotions that contradict each other all at once. I love how this song is both hopeful and fun yet angry and devastating. That is life sometimes.”

With her heart on her sleeve and a pen in hand, Kel Adore shares the depths of her soul in each song she writes. She is emotionally invested and lyrically obsessed, providing fans a uniquely immersive and technicolor experience with “Happy Again,” exposing the good, the bad and the ugly.

Following the release of “Fool For The Pain,” the new single by Kel Adore“Happy Again,” is available now on all streaming platforms []. To stay up-to-date on the next creative ventures by the LA artist and model, join her “Inner Circle” at and follow her on social media @KelAdore and @KelAdoreMusic.

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