Keen: One Girl Army Review and Gameplay

The game starts off with a young girl gaining a new weapon and that weapon looks hella awesome! The weapon she now has in her arms has helped win a war 500 years ago. Keen is a 8 year old girl that is trained by her Gramma to help fight evil and keep them away from her village. You take care control of her and slide your way into the story to destroy zombies and much more!

I didn’t realize how much fun this game is as it reminds me of moving around on a chess board. You slide on the squares and destroy enemies through that slide. The difficulty is solving the puzzles as you only could slide one dimensional. I would have to find ways to turn my character into different directions in order to get to certain areas. This has my thinking cap going a bit wild but I understand this brings the puzzle out of it!

You can get Keen: One Girl Army now on Steam

Here is our gameplay video