Keegan Powell Shares Delightful New Single + Video “Rock N Roll Kind of Night”

Keegan Powell Shares new single and video for Rock N Roll Kind of Night! Keegan takes a loud balloon pop with a needle with delightful joy in his next song! Keegan Powell new song called Rock N Roll Kind Of Night shows us a terrifying world with that person hiding in his mind. His mind gives them a soft break of his reality yet but he can’t stop looking at the world around him. Keegan shows a terrific representation of many people out there that has to see that terror yet has safety in their minds in order to handle it.

Fling your hair back and press play!

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Powell’s solo debut LP is slated for a 2021 release and includes Keegan’s newest single, “Rock N Roll Kind Of Night”. While initially being influenced by the tumultuous relationship between Elvis and manager Tom Parker, the lyric and story eventually morphed into more of a dark romantic tale where a loved one has a breaking point after a prolonged period of toxicity together.