Kana Quest Teaches Japanese Through Kawaii Puzzles Today On Steam

Melbourne, Australia – March 12, 2020 – Kana Quest, the adorable puzzle game that teaches the Japanese alphabet, is now making matches on Steam for PC.

More than just a colourful puzzle game, Kana Quest uses Kana (Japanese letters) tiles to create puzzles that teach the player the Japanese alphabet as they play. Jump into detailed pixel art worlds, from spring festivals to giant kaiju battles, sliding and matching Kana tiles in the fewest number of moves to become a language master.

Designed so it is not just an enjoyable game but also useful as an educational tool, Kana Quest uses repetition and puzzle game mechanics to teach and reinforce language skills. Each puzzle is solved by connecting all the Kana with others that have similar sounds. New characters and mechanics are introduced slowly alongside increasing difficulty that helps reinforce knowledge of Kana for players of all ages and levels of Japanese knowledge. Memorising each character isn’t essential to complete a puzzle but can be the key to getting the highest possible score.

Unlock new levels by mastering each puzzle and open up new worlds featuring more complex combinations of mechanics. Some Kana need friends around them before revealing what they are, and others can’t be moved at all so tiles have to be arranged around them. There are ten special types of Kana on top of more than 40 individual Kana tiles, each with their own personality, so get ready to meet all the Kana and learn Japanese!


  • 13 intricate pixel art worlds

  • Over 300 challenging puzzle levels

  • Two full alphabets included – Hiragana and Katakana

  • Traditional Japanese pop music and chiptune inspired soundtrack

  • Can replace boring flash cards as a tool to learn Japanese letters

Kana Quest will be available on Steam for $15 USD / $20 AUD. Launch languages include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. For more information about Kana Quest visit the official website, follow it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or join the Discord.

Kana Quest will also be coming to iOS and Android later in 2020.

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About Not Dead Design

Not Dead Design is a Melbourne-based solo developer dedicated to making games that are as effective as games as they are educational tools. Their first game, Kana Quest, combines their love of games with their experience teaching in Japan (in fact the first people to ever play the game were some of their students). https://www.kanaquestgame.com/