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Kadeema Brings Out A Classic With I’m Still Standing

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Kadeem brought their A game and Attitude with their rendition of the Elton John classic I’m Still Standing. This dark version of the song showcases the emotion the band experienced during a few bad eras of their life. The song is their middle finger to the world that crumbled around them and signified their resilience with the power of music. I enjoy their rendition of the song and you can feel the emotion poured out by the band.

Listen now:

Press release:

Covering this song was an idea that popped into our heads at a time when both of us were experiencing the end of a very significant era in our lives.

We went through a fair share of personal trials and tribulations, but were able to come out stronger at the other end of it. 

To feel like you’re still standing, better than you ever did was a sentiment we felt very strongly about at the time, so it was an easy choice. It’s also such an amazing song by one of greatest to ever do it. 

Why not pay tribute in our own way to the Rocket Man himself? 

Hear our cover of Elton John’s I’m Still Standing through your streaming service of choice.

We produced the track ourselves in the Hobbit House, otherwise known as Tal’s home studio. The main concept for the production and arrangement was to slow it down to a half-time feel and make it a bit more dark and moody.

We hope you can reflect on your own resilience as you listen. In the coming months, we will be sharing more re-imaginations of our favorite songs with you.

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