K-Gee Tunnel Vision’s Quest for Hip Hop’s Throne

As a Avid music listener, I like to close my eyes and let the music take me to another land. No drugs, no alcohol no anything needed in order to get the high a song, a word sung can do.

Today, I had that same vision, same high, no drugs, no alcohol needed as I was another world just listening to this mixtape. My mind just exploded just going through each song, eyes closed and had a tunnel vision how K-Gee is doing to take over the musical world.


His musical rhymes take a distance runner and slows them down to a way where the money hits the table is the loudest and fastest thing you hear.

I fully recommend everyone to check out his mixtape which is available here K-GEE TUNNEL VISION and check it out everyone. My favorites from this mixtape is So Much Money, T.G.F.P., and Ring Da Alarm as something you should be hearing blasting a radio speaker soon.