JOSS JAFFE “REVERIE” Single is out now!

Joss Jaffe is a Vocalist, Tabla player, multi-instrumentalist, composer and record producer. He has 4 albums of original music. His most recent album “Meditation Music” debuted at #3 on the Billboard New Age Chart on October 4th 2019. He has collaborated with Grammy Nominated Artists Jai Uttal, Silvia Nakkach and Dave Stringer as well as Grammy Award winning Reggae artist Mykal Rose of Black Uhuru.

‘Reverie’ is the newest single by Billboard New Age Top-10 artist, Joss Jaffe.


The song is a spiritual journey speaking to the mystery and magic of life with themes of innocence, childhood, nature and personal meaning. The chorus sings, “Walk the fields and the Forest, Lost in a Reverie, To Feel and too express, what arises from mystery.”


The song opens with just voice, trumpet and acoustic guitar then quickly transitions to a modern pop beat with layered textures evoking U2 or Coldplay.


Produced by DJ Taz Rashid, known as “a yogi’s musical guide to Samadhi” and creator of world-class yoga music for festivals such as Wanderlust and Yoga Journal Conference.

The track builds off a well-developed history of both artists’ continued work in the world of premiere yoga and meditation events bringing a spiritual aesthetic to the modern pop arrangements.


Music video with stunning visuals featuring silk scarf dancing as seen at Burning Man, Coachella and Electric Forest. Cover art by Berlin born, LA based painter Julika Lackner.